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Personal Training

Working in partnership with Frankham Fitness we are able to deliver a high quality personal training service.

Our Personal Trainer is always available to help you achieve your goals no matter how big or small.

Qualified at a level 3 fitness instructor, level 3 personal training, level 4 strength and conditioning, and level 1 British weightlifting certificate, Karen is able to tailor a programme specifically to any goals i.e weight loss, performance or strength.

What is Personal Training?

A personal trainer will ascertain your individual goals, the types of things you enjoy, provide you with a personalised fitness plan and support you towards achieving all your health and fitness objectives.

A good exercise plan is fun, progressive, avoids counter-productive over-training and provides you with the results you want. Our personal trainers will work with you to ensure that this is the journey that you embark upon.

Training with your personal trainer makes your time at the gym more efficient. You don't have to worry about which exercises you will be doing, how many sets or reps, how to adjust the equipment or whether you are doing the exercises correctly. You have the full attention of an expert and your fitness programme is customised for you.

Having one-on-one training gives you the ultimate flexibility in how you meet your goal.

Your personal trainer is available to meet your needs at your convenience, all you have to do is show up prepared to work and the rest is done for you.

Level 1 Personal Training Package

  • Introduction and Consultation

  • Diet and Exercise Analysis

  • Goal Getting

  • Personalised Training Plan

  • Record of Personal Statistics

  • Weekly Weigh In (if requested by client)

  • 1 PT session per week

  • Full Time Support and Advice

Price: £20 Per Session (approx 1 hour)


Small Group Designer Sessions

We offer small group training sessions ranging from 2 – 8 people that are designed around each group’s specific request.

Training in a group environment is motivational, sociable and for most people leads to very positive results – Fitter, Healthier and Happier

Price: 2 x people £25, 3 x people £30, 4 x people £35 increasing by £5 per person up to 8 people.


Book your PT session now!

Call: 01900 813434 ext. 259 and ask to speak to Karen.

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